Past Classes

Subject: Non-binary Identity, Gender Neutral Pronouns, Allyship
Title: "Non-binary 101"

After multiple video interviews of mine went viral this year, I realized that there was great interest in gender education. As a response, I have created this class as an introduction to the non-binary community and non-binary identities.

The class is 75 minutes long with a 15-minute-long question and answer session afterward. Cost of attendance is sliding scale, please message for more information. The class is for professionals and providers who find themselves regularly working with members of the LGBTQ+ community and wish to know how to respect non-binary clients as well as members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies who wish to better understand and respect their non-binary siblings.

In the class I will go over definitions and terminology as well as broader concepts needed to understand and have conversations about non-binary genders. I will also answer common questions relating to the gender binary and how to use they/them pronouns for other people. How to go through an introduction and the "first 5 minutes with a trans person" lesson will be included for hands-on application.

Subjects: Gender Congruence, Identity, Transition
Title: “Creating Gender Congruence: A Life-Long Process”

This presentation is intended to be informational for a broad audience. Transgender people and allies would benefit. Specifically helpful for cisgender people. There is also information pertinent to medical, mental health, or resource professionals who serve the trans and non-binary communities.

The language and concepts surrounding the journey transgender people take is currently linear and often binary. Professionals at the forefront of transgender care are using new models of describing not only transition, but also describing one’s relationship with gender. Gender Congruence is the feeling of balance and wellness within our sense of self, how we are perceived, how our bodies feel, and how we are allowed to express ourselves through the lens of gender.

In this class those of all genders can learn about a concept that all people -- including cisgender people -- experience. Ari explains how to see transition as a non-linear process and helps the audience understand that our relationship with our gender develops over time. Through use of both personal experience and community feedback they provide validation for the experience that identity is not one-size-fits-all and neither is transition.