Ari Dennis is an educator who has had a long-time passion for how humans interact with one another, with the focus to understand human connection. They have spent the last 12 years in adult education teaching on topics of communication, LGBTQ+ cultural competency and identity acquisition.

Ari's clients are those interested in becoming more inclusive. In the past this has been consulting with nonprofits, churches, businesses, and medical service providers to create inclusive documents, policy, and facilities for LGBTQ+ employees or clients. Their private coaching and education services provide families, teachers, and businesses a better understanding of personal identity and diverse communities.

For the last two years Ari has shared their experience as a transgender parent with transgender children on the social media project Ari Not Sorry. It is there where Ari shares and creates original content about identity and social justice issues. Ari has also helped popularize the concept of gender creative parenting, or "theyby parenting”, in the cultural conversation surrounding gender. Ari has had the pleasure of speaking to news and journalists from all over the world about identity and family health, reaching a diverse viewership in the millions.